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Song Name: The Post War Dream

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Final Cut

Run Time: 3:02

Year: 1983

Track Number: 1

Sung By: Roger Waters

Written By: Roger Waters


Pink Floyd - The Postwar Dream03:00

Pink Floyd - The Postwar Dream

  • The song is 3 minutes in length and consists of many sound effects, such as row boats and screaming, typical of the album that it was released on. The music itself begins with a quiet and sparse section composed of synthesizers and Waters' hushed vocal, in addition to the quiet sounds of certain orchestral instruments. This part of the song is rather reminiscent of gospel music partly because of its use of the common, soulful I-IV-V chord progression. This segues into a louder, more theatrical section dominated by electric guitars. During this particular section, Waters' vocal is hoarsly shouted, a definite contrast from his manner of singing during the previous part of the song.
  • The melody of the first part bears a strong resemblance to John Prine's 1971 song "Sam Stone", about a war veteran's tragic fate.

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