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Song Name: The Nile Song

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Nile Song (Single), More, Relics

Run Time: 3:26

Year: 1969

Track Number: 2

Sung By: David Gilmour

Written By: Roger Waters


  • Many consider it one of the band's few forays into hard rock, along with 1979's "Young Lust" (from The Wall) and 1983's "Not Now John" (from The Final Cut). It is written by Roger Waters and it is one of the few Pink Floyd's songs not featuring any keyboard. The track "Ibiza Bar" in the same album reprises almost the same theme.
  • Some people even refer to this song as the first metal song. Its having of metal elements (such as loud vocals, driving drums and riff, and it also has that little extra edge) and the time period for which it came out have people considering this song plus Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to be the first showings of real metal.
  • The Nile Song was covered by the Necros on their 1986 album Tangled Up, by Dreadnaught on their 2002 One Piece Missing EP and by Voivod on their 1993 album, The Outer Limits.
  • Andy Kellman of All Music Guide describes "The Nile Song" as "one of the heaviest songs the band recorded".
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