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The Final Cut
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Song Name: The Heros' Return

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Final Cut

Run Time: 2:56

Year: 1983

Track Number: 4

Sung By: Roger Waters

Written By: Roger Waters


Pink Floyd - The Hero's Return03:16

Pink Floyd - The Hero's Return

  • It has never been performed live by any member of the band, though an extended version of the song, with a new stanza and retitled to "The Hero's Return (Parts 1 & 2)" was released as the b-side to the single version of "Not Now John." This song (originally called "Teacher, Teacher") was included on Roger Waters' original home demo for The Wall.
  • The lyrics are about a war veteran (possibly the teacher from The Wall) who returns to England and finds himself disgusted with how things are going in his home country.

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