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The Final Cut
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The Final Cut (The Song)
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Song Name: The Final Cut

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Final Cut

Run Time: 4:46

Year: 1983

Track Number: 10

Sung By: Roger Waters

Written By: Roger Waters


Pink Floyd The Final Cut HD04:48

Pink Floyd The Final Cut HD

  • It has never been performed live by any member of the band. The video depicts Roger Waters (with eyes blacked out) singing to a psychologist and utilizes old film footage of 1930s and 40s life intertwined.
  • The orchestral riff is similar to that found on "Comfortably Numb", which was also scored by Michael Kamen.
  • On The Wall, this song was originally used to show Pink asking his wife what she would do if Pink "show you [her] my dark side, what would you do?" Pink then talks about his suicide attempt, only to be saved by a phone call. This would be when Pink collapse, only to be treated with anti-depressants in the next track "Comfortably Numb"

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