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Song Name: The Crying Song

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: More

Run Time: 3:33

Year: 1969

Track Number: 3

Sung By: David Gilmour, Roger Waters

Written By: Roger Waters


  • It is actually composed as a usual folk ballad with the only exception of the second chord. It is a D major with a diminished fifth. A guitarist can play this chord putting his index on the first fret of the G string instead of the second fret which is usually needed for a D major chord. The fifth of a D major chord is actually an A. The diminished fifth in this case is G# (or G sharp). The diminished fifth is usually known as the blue note in the jazz music especially in the bebop. In the jazz music the flatted fifth is mostly fitted into fast solo lines. In the context of slow jazz ballads the flatted fifth is mostly well shaped in the basic key or the basic chord (look for example Angel Eyes). In this context however the D major flated fifth chord has a more dissonant character and lasts for a whole measure. It creates a very dreamy, surreal atmosphere. The song has four verses connected with an unisono instrumental interplay of guitar and bass.

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