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Song Name: Seamus

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: Meddle, Shine On

Run Time: 2:16

Year: 1971

Track Number: 5

Sung By: David Gilmour, Seamus

Written By: Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Mason


  • Also the name of a dog, owned by close associate of the band Steve Marriott.
  • The song was written by Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright one day in 1971 when they found that Seamus could bark in tune with music. They quickly recorded a twelve-bar blues backing track for the dog to 'sing' over, and David Gilmour later overdubbed extra instrumentation as well as lead vocals. Pink Floyd added this novelty song to round out the first side of their new LP, and hastily composed a few lines of lyrics to enhance its brief appearance on the album. Also, some stray speech leaked into the final mix. Some say that about a minute through the recording, one of the band members can be heard saying something akin to "it's better than last time" or "very theatrical". According to Vernon Fitch's "The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia," the words are "Here is the real dog."
  • Some fans who enjoy the rest of Meddle deride "Seamus" for being an anomalous case of sloppy songwriting - and appear to have missed its humour entirely. However, the band's blues roots are rarely this exposed on official recordings, and the track provides a light-hearted acknowledgment of the genre's influence on their music.
  • Film director Adrian Maben captured Pink Floyd's only live performance of "Seamus" (in a greatly altered form, excluding lyrics, changing the key from D-Major to C-Major, and retitled "Mademoiselle Nobs") in his film Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii. To re-create the song, David Gilmour played harmonica instead of singing and (unusually) Roger Waters played one of Gilmour's Stratocaster guitars. The band members were keen to include this track in the film, and gave Maben the task of finding a dog that could duplicate Seamus's performance when they re-made it in front his cameras at les Studios de Boulogne in the Spring of 1972. A female Afghan Hound named Nobs, which belonged to Madonna Bouglione (the daughter of circus director Joseph Bouglione), was brought to the studio and Wright gently coaxed her to provide howling accompaniment as Seamus did in the album version. There is also an audible bass guitar in this recording, likely overdubbed during mixing of the film soundtrack at another studio, but, as with many Pink Floyd songs, it is difficult to tell who is playing it. Pink Floyd never created any demo for the song though.

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