Original cover


Remastered Cover

Title: Relics
Artist: Pink Floyd
Released: May 14, 1971
Total Length: 49:38
Label: EMI (UK) Harvest/Capitol, Capitol Records (US)

Track Listing Edit

  1. Arnold Layne – 2:56
    • Single A-side released March 11, 1967
  2. Interstellar Overdrive – 9:43
  3. See Emily Play – 2:53
    • Single A-side released June 17, 1967
  4. Remember A Day – 4:29
  5. Paint Box – 3:33
  6. Julia Dream – 2:37
  7. Careful With That Axe, Eugene – 5:45
  8. Cirrus Minor – 5:18
  9. The Nile Song – 3:25
  10. Biding My Time – 5:18 (Previously unreleased)
  11. Bike – 3:21


  • The album cover was designed by drummer Nick Mason, and according to him is the only concrete product of his years at architecture school in the Regent Street Polytechnic.
  • When the album was released on CD, former Hipgnosis partner Storm Thorgerson had a real-life version of the contraption on the cover made and presented it to Mason. It still resides in Mason's home.
  • The weird four-eyed face on the original U.S. album cover was actually an antique bottle opener.
  • Relics reached #34 in the UK and #153 in the US.
  • A re-mastered CD was released in 1996 with a different album cover; a three-dimensional version of the original sketch drawn by drummer Nick Mason for the initial release.

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