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Song Name: Pigs On The Wing 1

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: Animals, Shine On

Run Time: 1:24

Year: 1977

Track Number: 1

Sung By: Roger Waters

Written By: Roger Waters


  • The song is divided in two parts, which are the first and last tracks of the album. Both are in stark contrast to the album's middle three misanthropic songs, and suggest that companionship can help us overcome our flaws. The casual listener may ignore them for the most part; however they are keys to the album, summing up the album in their short time spans.
  • The songs are constructed simply and feature no instrumentation besides a strummed acoustic guitar played by Waters.
  • On the 8-track cartridge release (which looped), Parts 1 and 2 were linked by a guitar bridge performed by Snowy White. Snowy would play the guitar solo at the end of part 2 in live performances on the 1977 Animals tour which also included drums, rhythm guitars and keyboards. On the last US leg of the performances, Gilmour would play bass instead of electric rhythm guitar like he did on the European and first US legs of the Animals tour.
  • A cover version of "Pigs On The Wing" by Tortfeasor appears on A Fair Forgery Of Pink Floyd

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