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Song Name: Outside The Wall

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Wall (Disc Two), Shine On

Run Time: 1:41

Year: 1979

Track Number: 26

Sung By: Roger Waters, David Gilmour & Islington Green School (backup vocals)

Written By: Roger Waters


Pink Floyd - Outside The Wall04:52

Pink Floyd - Outside The Wall

  • This song is meant as a denouement to the album and reveals the moral or central point of the story. The story ends with The Trial, therefore not telling what happened to Pink after the wall was torn down and leaving his fate open-ended..
  • The song's one of the quietest on the album. A fifteen-second segment of the song's melody is duplicated in the intro of "In The Flesh?," with the result that the album itself is cyclical in nature: the last spoken words before the song cuts off are: "Isn't this where-". At the beginning of "In The Flesh?", the first words are: "-we came in?"
  • Unlike the other songs on the album, this particular song offers little to the plot involving Pink as a whole. It acknowledges that "The Wall" has been demolished (as a result of the actions in The Trial), and goes on to "discuss" the idea that many people have social barriers, and it's repetitive in nature; as one person reintegrates themselves with society, another leaves.
  • A longer and more elaborate version was recorded for the film which runs for a little more than four minutes and includes orchestration and a choir (probably conducted by Michael Kamen) and Roger Waters singing the lyrics in a more melodious way than the album version. This version was never released officially and was later reused for the credits for The Wall Live in Berlin.

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