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Song Name: One Of The Few

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Final Cut

Run Time: 1:12

Year: 1983

Track Number: 3

Sung By: Roger Waters

Written By: Roger Waters


Pink Floyd - 03 - One of the Few - The Final Cut (1983)01:27

Pink Floyd - 03 - One of the Few - The Final Cut (1983)

  • The song is short at 1 minute and 12 seconds length. It features a ticking clock in the background and a steady drumbeat. It also features a lyrical pattern and is overall slow.
  • The song has relevancy to Pink Floyd's The Wall. When in recording, the song was to be used on The Wall under the title "Teach". The song was later taken out of the album to be used on The Final Cut. After the line "What would you do to make ends meet?" the word "teach" is faintly spoken and repeated.
  • On The Wall, the lyrical meaning consists of the demoralizing actions of the teachers to the students.
  • On The Final Cut, it relates to the main character's mental state, though this is disputed.
  • All together, it is the cyclical effects of the teacher's frustrations over his memories of the war which leads him to take out his pain on the students. The idea of cycle-based themes is rampant in Waters' work. Similar lyrics ("Make em laugh, make em cry, etc.") are revisited in "Not Now John," showing how effects of such emotional manipulation are carried on and reintroduced into adult life by the children of the postwar era.
  • British doom death metal/atmospheric rock band Anathema has an interesting cover of the song on their compilation Resonance which also includes a version of "Goodbye Cruel World".

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