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Song Name: Marooned

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Division Bell

Run Time: 5:30

Year: 1994

Track Number: 4

Written By: Richard Wright, David Gilmour


Pink Floyd - Marooned (Official Video)05:26

Pink Floyd - Marooned (Official Video)

  • The piece was written by David Gilmour and Richard Wright and came about while jamming at Britannia Row Studios in early 1993. The high-pitch guitar sounds on the track came from a Whammy pedal which makes the guitar sound an octave higher, also known as a pitch shifter. Like "Is There Anybody Out There?" this song also used the shrill siren-like sound effect of the song "Echoes".
  • The track was given a Grammy Award in the category of Best Rock Instrumental Performance at the Grammy Awards of 1995. This is Pink Floyd's only Grammy to date.
  • It has only been played live 3 times. On the two dates in Oslo, Norway on the 1994 "The Division Bell" tour and at the 50th Fender birthday concert.

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