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Song Name: Main Theme

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: More

Run Time: 5:34

Year: 1969

Track Number: 8

Written By: Roger Waters, Richard Wright, David Gilmour


  • The track begins with a panning gong that lasts as a drone sound for the whole piece; at 00:30 the organ starts a progression of modal chords, that fades at 1:12 into a drum-bass iterative sequence, similar to, but slower than, the one featured at the opening of Let There Be More Light. A synthesizer (1:20) plays a progression of background notes over the drum-bass line, while the organ plays the main melodic notes (2:10). The synthesizer's sound is layered by an ADSR-triggered voltage-controlled filter (sort of wah-wah, but different from it). The slide-guitar plays few notes from the middle of the piece onward.

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