La Carrera Panamericana

VHS cover

Title: La Carrera Panamericana
Artist: Pink Floyd
Released: June 2, 1992
Total Length: 65:00
Label: Sony Music Video Enterprises

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  • 1992 video of the Carrera Panamericana automobile race in Mexico. The film included a soundtrack entirely of music by the band Pink Floyd, due to the fact that the band's guitarist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason and manager Steve O'Rourke competed in the race.
  • During the course of the race Gilmour crashed, and while he was unharmed, O'Rourke (his map-reader) suffered a broken leg. Mason finished eighth overall with his co-pilot, English auto racer Valentine Lindsay.
  • The music is a combination of previously released Floyd material (re-edited into a soundtrack) and material composed for the video. The tracks composed for the video are the first studio recordings made after Richard Wright re-joined the band in 1988. The new studio recordings were produced by Gilmour. The songs "Pan Am Shuffle" and "Carrera Slow Blues" are notable as the first tracks co-written by Wright since 1975's Wish You Were Here, as well as the first co-written by Mason since 1973's The Dark Side Of The Moon.
  • A soundtrack album was not released, but the tracks are available on the A Tree Full Of Secrets RoIO.

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