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Wish You Were Here (Song)

Song Name: Have A Cigar

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: Wish You Were Here, Shine On

Run Time: 5:08

Year: 1975

Track Number: 3

Sung By: Roy Harper

Written By: Roger Waters


  • Like Welcome To The Machine, the song's music and lyrics were written by Waters in critique of hypocrisy and greed within the music business. The music itself is more rock-oriented than the rest of the album, beginning with a churning riff played on electric guitar and bass. The track is filled with additional guitar, electric piano and synthesizer parts to create a funk-rock texture.
  • Have A Cigar ends with a blistering guitar solo, which is interrupted by a filter-sweep sound effect which reduces the music's volume to tinny, AM radio-like levels. Some have speculated that this represents the transformation into a worthless, mass-marketed product, which would be prophetic, since the track received heavy radio play as a single. Finally, the song ends with the sound of a radio being dialed off-station, and segues to Wish You Were Here (Song).
  • On the original recording, the song's lead vocals were performed by an acquaintance of the band: British singer-songwriter Roy Harper. Waters intended to perform this himself, as he did during most stage performances, but strained his voice while recording "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", and Gilmour wouldn't sing the harsh lyrics. Harper was recording his album HQ in Studio 2 of Abbey Road at the same time Pink Floyd were working in Studio 3; learning of the band's dilemma Harper offered to sing lead.
  • Waters later stated that he (perhaps unconsciously) hoped the other band members would refuse this suggestion, and insist on keeping the song strictly within the confines of Pink Floyd. He was therefore surprised when they immediately accepted the idea, and Harper claims that he requested a lifetime ticket to the nearby Lord's Cricket Ground as payment for his services. Harper has described feeling insulted when he was sent a one-time cheque instead (which he says was never cashed).
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