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Song Name: Grantchester Meadows

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: Ummagumma (Disc Two)

Run Time: 7:26

Year: 1969

Track Number: 5

Sung By: Roger Waters

Written By: Roger Waters


  • The song features Waters' voice accompanied by an acoustic guitar and the sounds of different types of birds. The lyrics describe a pastoral and dream-like scene at the Grantchester meadows in Cambridgeshire, England. This is where fellow band member David Gilmour grew up. Interestingly, considering the song's idyllic setting, a fly can be heard being swatted and killed at its end.
  • "Grantchester Meadows" was incorporated into The Man And The Journey as "Daybreak."
  • The song was to be on Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd, and would have been the only song from Ummagumma to be included on that compilation.

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