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Song Name: Empty Spaces

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Wall (Disc One), Shine On

Run Time: 2:10

Year: 1979

Track Number: 8

Sung By: Roger Waters

Written By: Roger Waters


The wall - Empty spaces, What shall we de now03:50

The wall - Empty spaces, What shall we de now

  • The song is 2 minutes, 10 seconds in length and features a long introductory section. Around 48 seconds into the song, the tone changes, and the piece becomes slightly louder. After another 26 seconds, a hidden message can be heard within the track. Immediately after, the lyrical portion commences. The song ends abruptly, as the last word of the song, "wall" isn't completed until the beginning of "Young Lust". For this reason, they are often played together on the radio (and sometimes are incorrectly referred to as just "Young Lust").
  • As with the other songs on The Wall, "Empty Spaces" tells a portion of Pink's story. Pink's now grown up and married, but he and his wife are having relationship problems because of his distance as a result of his halfway built wall.
  • On both the film adaptation and the recording of the live performance of this album, an extended version of the song is used, entitled "What Shall We Do Now?"
  • Directly before the lyrical section, there's a hidden message. It is isolated on the left channel of the song. When heard normally, it appears to be nonsense. If played backwards, the following can be heard:
    • Roger Waters - Hello, hunter(s)... Congratulations. You've just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the Funny Farm, Chalfonte...
    • James Guthrie - Roger! Carolyne's on the phone! 
    • Roger Waters - Okay.
  • It is believed that this backward message is a comical reference to former lead singer/guitarist Syd Barrett. Roger Waters congratulates you for finding this message, and jokes that you can send your answer to Syd (the 'Old Pink'), who lives somewhere in Chalfonte (the 'funny farm' in Chalfonte). Before he can tell the location however, he gets interrupted by James Guthrie who says Carolyne (Waters' wife) is on the phone.
  • The song was covered by Mushroomhead for the Universal re-release of XX.
  • Contrary to popular belief, What Shall We Do Now? was made first and shortened in to Empty Spaces.

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