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Song Name: Coming Back To Life

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Division Bell

Run Time: 6:19

Year: 1994

Track Number: 8

Sung By: David Gilmour

Written By: David Gilmour


Pink Floyd - Coming Back To Life06:12

Pink Floyd - Coming Back To Life

  • It is about a spiritual renewal on the part of the narrator. The narrator is addressing a specific person, although their actual identity is never made explicit, and criticizes this person for "hanging yourself on someone else's words"--in other words, believing what other people say about the narrator, rather than the narrator himself. The speaker then realizes that this person is a part of the past, and that the time had finally come to let him/her go and move on with their life. David Gilmour has been seen to cry during concerts when performing this song as it is an extremely emotional piece.
  • Like many of the songs on The Division Bell, the song could be seen as David Gilmour addressing his ex-bandmate, Roger Waters. It would not be the first time that Pink Floyd had created a song that was generally-stated, but personal in nature (the entirety of the album "Wish You Were Here" was dedicated to their ex-bandmate, Syd Barrett). However, Gilmour has denied any but the most tenuous connections between the band's near-breakup and the lyrics of the album and he has said (as can be heard in the David Gilmour in Concert DVD) that the song was written about his wife, Polly Samson.

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