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Cirrus Minor
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Song Name: Cirrus Minor

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: More, Relics

Run Time: 5:18

Year: 1969

Track Number: 1

Sung By: David Gilmour

Written By: Roger Waters


  • The song has a hallucinogenic, pastoral quality, with prominent keyboards and bird sound effects, like those that would later feature on the Ummagumma track Grantchester Meadows.
  • The song features no drums, which creates a rather unusual feeling. The keyboard sequence at the end of the song is similar to that found on the "celestial voices" section of A Saucerful Of Secrets. "Cirrus Minor" has an unusual chord sequence: E minor, E flat major augmented, G major, C# minor 7, C major 7, C minor 7 and B 7. The chords are built around the chromatically descending bass line. The B 7 chord is the only one who fits into the functional context of the E minor key. This chord sequence gives the song a very surreal atmosphere.
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