Song Name: Apples And Oranges

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: Apples And Oranges (Single), Masters Of Rock, Shine On, The Early Singles, 1967 Singles Sampler

Run Time: 3:08

Year: 1967

Track Number:

Sung By: Syd Barrett

Written By: Syd Barrett

  • Apples and Oranges is the last single to be written by Syd Barrett while he was in Pink Floyd.
  • The Pink Floyd, along with Syd, mimed the song on their second US televised performance on American Bandstand. After Syd was replaced by David Gilmour, the band recorded a promotional film in Belgium in a fruit market with Waters lip synching.
  • The song is also notable for being the only one of the five early Pink Floyd singles to be released in stereo on bootlegs. (Arnold Layne, See Emily Play, It Would Be So Nice and Point Me At The Sky exist only in mono and in false stereo).
  • The song is about a girl whom the narrator meets at the supermarket. It is one of a handful of songs by the Pink Floyd which deal with love and is often regarded as a goofy and non-serious song. Roger Waters has shown some liking to the song (although admits that it could have been better if worked on).

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