Another Brick Single


Title: Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)
Artist: Pink Floyd
Released: 1979
Total Length: 3:11 - Single Version, 3:59 - Album Version, 3:54 - A Collection Of Great Dance Songs Version.
Label: Harvest (UK), Columbia/Capitol (US)
Chart Position: #1 (UK), #1 (US), #1 (West Germany)
B-Side: One Of My Turns


  • Provided the band's only #1 hit in the UK, US, West Germany, and many other countries.
  • Another Brick In The Wall (Part II), is the 6th song from the 1979 album The Wall, and is the second in a four part series of songs consisting of Another Brick In The Wall (Part I), The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Part II), and Another Brick In The Wall (Part III).
  • The plot of the song describes Pink's time during his schooling, and his belief in rebelling against the system.
    • In the song, he also voices his frustration, mentioning the abusive teacher and poor system he must deal with.
      • This would only become "Another Brick" in Pink's Wall, creating the barrier from the rest of society at an early age.
  • One of the verses as well as one of the choruses, is sung by the Children's Choir of Islington Green School, which is located around the corner from Pink Floyd's Britannia Row Studios.
    • The School was £1000 for the use of the Choir, but no royalties were negotiated in the deal.
  • During Apartheid-Era South Africa, the song was banned due to the lyrics being used as a call for change within the school system. This eventually led to boycotts of some black schools, leading the National Party to ban the song in 1980. This ban would be lifted in 1991, with the dissolution of the National Party.
  • The disco beat found in this song is quite unusual for the band, as it was suggested by their producer, Bob Ezrin.
  • The song was originally one minute and fourteen seconds in length, as it was supposed to be the bridge between The Happiest Days of Our Lives and Mother. However, Bob Ezrin insisted that they make the song longer. After production, Bob doubled the song, and added the infamous children's chorus, which Roger Waters loved.

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